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What People Are Saying

"The Magnificent Sprinkles book and characters are wonderful! My daughter can't get enough! She has the Sprinkles watching over her at night at the end of her bed and we have read the book many times this weekend. Your book and characters are wonderful and could help so many young kids, especially those on the autism spectrum. She loves feeling the silky power bands and the rainbow hair! She is adamant about having Sam for next time a tooth comes out, so he can help her be strong and mighty!.

Jennifer H. Larenceville, GA

"Godson Noah loves it. The Magnificent Sprinkles has to be read to him every night and he clutches CAZI and goes to sleep!"".

Doraville, GA

"Dear Grandma Leah, The Sprinkle actually worked! NEA was the right one to pick for me. We slept together in my bedroom and the magic worked. Thank you and thank you and thank you!! From Abby & NEA".

Kimberly B.(Abby's Mom)

"My niece came to visit us and she brought LACI and your book with her. I read and read the book for her several time. She loves it. Please tell Grandma Leah she said she needs a CAZI Magnificent Sprinkle".


"Hi Magnificent Sprinkles! I wanted to share my appreciation of your wonderful program from a teaching perspective. I teach social and behavioral skills to students on the Autism Spectrum. Your characters and concepts presented in The Magnificent Sprinkles are fabulous tools to help my teaching. The children can easily identify with each special character which helps promote their understanding of the teaching concepts! I am excited and hopeful there will be more Magnificent Sprinkles adventure stories in the future! Thank you for developing and sharing your imagination and adventures with us! Keep sending us stories!!".

Shari M., Georgia

"My nephew had problems sleeping through the night. He would wake up sayings he had scary, bad dreams. After receiving CAZI and reading the book to him, he held CAZI as he slept. For the first time in a VERY LONG TIME, he slept the night through. He now wants ALL of the Magnificent Sprinkles, and given the success with CAZI, I want to order all of the Magnificent Sprinkles!".


"My children (even the older 10 and 8 year old boys) LOVE their book and Sprinkles! Thank you so much!".

Theresa K., North Carolina

"The book is a useful tool that provides therapists with helpful ways to get children to better manage their emotional needs. Different forms of child abuse, bullying, depression, and general self-esteem deficits can be addressed in a structured manner. It's colorful pages will enhance concentration and create and affection for exploration. In addition, a consistently positive theme runs throughout the pages, which allows the child to experience positive feelings the entire time. I recommend this book as a very useful treatment instrument."

Dr. Ray Potts, Licensed Psychologist, Nashville, TN

"The Magnificent Sprinkles is a positive, heart-warning, imaginative story that will delight children and the adults that read it to them".

P. Deneen

"As a veteran kindergarten teacher, I am always searching for books to help my students deal with their fears and concerns. After reading this book to my class, we were able to discuss our feelings of being alone, making good choices, and fears of the dark. The colorful characters instantly enhanced their interest and involvement with the story. Their favorite was CAZI who helped them when they were frightened. I will definitely add this to my class library and look forward to the next volume to share with my class".

Susan, Orlando, Florida

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