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The Story Behind The Sprinkles

Is your child afraid of the dark, loud thunderstorms, or having a hard time sleeping in their bed the night through? Let the Magnificent Sprinkles help.

Most children and adults have expressed anxieties and fears at some point. While this is quite normal for most, it is still an uncomfortable time for children and parents. So whether it's staying in bed through the night, being afraid of thunderstorms, or thinking there are monsters under the bed, the Magnificent Sprinkles offer an opportunity to help your child.

With this book and just the right Sprinkle, those fears will soon fade away.

The Sprinkles are born each time a raindrop falls and receives a magical kiss from the Rainbow. Each Sprinkle, NEA, CAZI, SAM, and LACI, has a special power to help with specific fears.

"Those last raindrops are lucky because they will be kissed by the Rainbow, giving them power to become the Magnificent Sprinkles! In the book, Grandma Leah calls them Sprinkles because they sprinkle goodness and confidence to children everywhere."

-The Magnificent Sprinkles™: Growing up Sprinkleliciously!

So whether your child is afraid of the dark and having trouble staying in bed at night or , think that closet monsters exist, there is a Sprinkle for your child's needs!

Sprinkles have soft rainbow hair, a silky power band, and huggable bodies perfect for a cozy cuddle. They even come in a miniature size for easily carrying.

With a spin and a song, the Magnificent Sprinkles bring comfort and joy to your child!

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The Magnificent Sprinkles™:
Growing up Sprinkleliciously!

From the Author

While my children are grown now, I remember how they loved that special stuffed toy and the comfort it provided. My book will offer you an opportunity to "redirect" your child's imagination in a positive direction. Whether they are afraid of sleeping by themselves, being in the dark, going to the dentist, or hearing loud thunderstorms, this book and the Magnificent Sprinkles characters will offer comfort to your little ones.

Sprinkleliciously Yours,

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